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Why Choose Smiles 4 Miles?


About Us

Dentistry is a blend of art and science.

Every person is unique and requires special attention.

We strive to understand each patient as a Person in order to treat them in the best caring and sensitive way.

Dental treatment can not be completed without the total understanding and cooperation of the patient and parents.

Our practice philosophy is to educate and motivate our patients to look after their oral health to the best of their ability and help them keep their natural teeth for life.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and we put great emphasis on prevention, good home care and nutrition.

Dental Treatment can be simple or complex. We put you first in the heart of the treatment we are recommending for you.

We Listen

Good listening technique is important to communicate with our clients. Our aim is to provide you with a positive experience.

State of the art sterilization procedures

The cornerstone of a good and safe dental practice is trust. We have the latest technology in infection control and sterilisation procedures to ensure your safety.

Continuing dental education

Our Dentists are always up to date with the most advanced dental techniques and continue to study.

"The more we learn about something, the more we appreciate what we don’t know, We continue to learn as we progress in life"  DR Tony Younis

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment plan to get you there! 

"if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there" 

We treat the person not just the teeth.Our plans are individualised to suit each person.