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Dental Implants to Replace Lost Teeth

teeth implants


teeth implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth or if the tooth cannot be saved by any other dental treatment. They offer a firm support

Indications for implants:

  • Missing front and back teeth
  • Wearing removable partial dentures that are uncomfortable or un-aesthetic
  • Preserve the health of adjacent natural teeth
  • Restore the efficiency of the natural bite when strategic teeth are lost like first molars and canines
  • Help maintain the shape of the jawbone from shrinking where the tooth is lost

Dental implant acts as the root substitute that is inserted in the jaw bone. The crown on top is attached to the implant by an abutment which is screwed on top of the implant.

Dental implants will look and feel like natural teeth and require regular maintenance like natural teeth (brushing and flossing)

Before placing a dental implant it is mandatory to have good gum health and adequate home maintenance. Dental implants are not indicated for patients with active gum disease (periodontitis). First the gum disease need to be treated and stabilised before considering placing implants to replace lost teeth.

Dental implants are good value as they can last life time with good home care.

Stages of implant treatment:

  • Placement of the dental implant in the jaw bone wait 2-3 month for the bone to heal around it
  • Placement of the tooth(crown or bridge) on top of the implant
  • Maintenance therapy to check the health of natural dentition and implant every 6-12 month