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Examination & Treatment Planning


Planning Your Treatment

The most important part of successful dental treatment is the comprehensive oral examination. At Smiles4milesdental we treat you as a person not just a tooth.

As you will see from checking your general health status, making an examination and treatment plan, this will take more than 10 minutes. In fact if you have not been to our practice before this may take between 45 to 60 minutes. For individuals with complex problems, this will take more than one visit.

We focus at the end objective is to provide you with the most suitable dental treatment for you. We will give you all treatment options that will work for you and give you time to make a decision. Also if we are not sure about the treatment we will refer you somewhere else.

Our examination starts with inspection of the head, neck and facial structures before moving inside the mouth to check your teeth, gums and soft tissues.

We employ the latest technology to assist us with diagnosis:

  • White light LED illumination
  • Latest digital X-ray sensors
  • Latest digital intraoral cameras

Advantages of having digital X-rays:

  • Digital sensor can be easily tolerated in the mouth compared to conventional films.
  • The radiation dose to the orofacial structures is reduced.
  • The image is seen instantly on the computer and stored for long time.

Our digital Schick Intraoral Camera

This digital IO camera is the greatest tool we have. It is our second brain: Eight LED lights can capture fine details and help us to see. We can record the initial presentation of your teeth and help us to document your case. We will show you before and after images for you to appreciate our work.

We can E- mail you a copy of all your digital X-rays and images to take with you to specialists or to another dentist in case you moved interstate.

We promise you that we will listen

Once we have completed our examination and reviewed all necessary records, we will present you with a treatment plan tailored for you. You get involve in the decision making and feel at ease to have the treatment. We will address your immediate concerns first and progress at a pace that suits you.

For a personalised comprehensive examination meet our dentists on our team page