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Root Canal Therapy

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Healthy Tooth and Nerve

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Diseased Tooth and Nerve.

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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy (or sometimes referred to as Nerve Therapy) is indicated to try to save your tooth after acute or chronic infection of the nerve tissues (dental pulp) inside the tooth.

The tooth can still function without its dental pulp and in high majority of cases it can be kept for life. After root canal treatment the space formerly occupied by the dental pulp is filled with a resin based filling to keep the space free from bacteria. The tooth crown is restored with normal filling material or sometimes an artificial crown may be required to protect the tooth from fractures and help to keep it for life.

Why the nerve (the dental pulp) becomes infected?

  • Deep tooth decay which allows bacteria to reach the pulp
  • Deep restorations or fillings on teeth
  • Cracks or fractures in teeth
  • Excessive wear on teeth
  • Gum disease around the root of teeth which allows bacteria access inside the nerve
  • Trauma to teeth which can expose the nerve

Stages of root canal therapy:

  • Access into root canal system, removal of the nerve tissues, application of medication for pain relief and temporary restoration
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of the root canal system to make it bacteria free
  • Filling of the root canal system

After the completion of the root canal therapy we will advise you on the restoration that will be best for your tooth.

Is there an alternative to root canal therapy?

The only alternative method of removing the infection is to extract your tooth. There is no substitute for your natural tooth. It is far better than any substitute like denture, bridge or implant

Risks involved when a tooth is extracted?

  • change in position of adjacent and opposing teeth
  • the bite may change and chewing efficiency
  • jaw joints and muscles discomfort and pain



The infected or damaged pulp is removed. Then cleaned and disinfected. Next stage is is to seal the root canals with filling.

decay cleaning shaped temp filling