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Oral Surgery and Removal of Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the last teeth to come through in the mouth. In many people these teeth become impacted against the teeth in front of them as there is no room left for them in the jaw.

Problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Infection of the gum around the crown of the tooth which leads to pain, swelling, difficulty opening the mouth, bad taste in the mouth and bad breath.
  • Crowding and Damaging the teeth in front of them (second molars)
  • Food trap area and difficulty cleaning the area
  • Pathology developing around the tooth like cysts

How to remove the teeth?

  • In the dental chair under local anaesthetic only
  • In the chair under sedation
  • At the hospital under general anaesthetic

We will assess your teeth and take necessary X-rays and give you all the options for the removal of your wisdom teeth.